Quadrant Valve & Actuator, LLC manufactures an extensive line of ball and butterfly valves, offered as the safest, most contemporary quarter-turn valves in the industry. With manufacturing and administrative operations located at Broussard, Louisiana, Quadrant focuses on its proprietary line of seal-welded, threaded and weld-end valves, designed to meet the highest safety standards and code-compliance issues.
The Quadrant line includes a patented direct-mount actuation system, with ISO-compliant actuators, gear operators and accessories.
  • One-Piece Threaded Ball Valves
  • Two-Piece Threaded Ball Valves
  • Seal Welded Ball Valves
  • Maintenance Design Ball Valves
  • Multi-Port ball Valves
  • Flanged Floating Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Actuators, Operators & Accessories

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